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My name is Daniel Olsson and I am here to help and assist you with your small business needs. I offer you new ideas, projects, relocation, online, telecom, administration, document sharing, procedures, workflows or other tasks.
Short term, long term and on-going.

As an administrative ‘all-rounder’ for Apple (Mac/iOS), CMS management, small business eCommerce solutions such as Shopify and self-publishing – I can assist you with a focus on keeping costs down and achieving your business goals.

I offer competitive rates with discounts available based on commitment.

Daniel Olsson

Daniel Olsson

Owner DO Solutions

In 2009 I founded DO Solutions which is owned and operated by me, Daniel Olsson.

Over the years I have worked in a vast number of areas and thereof accumulated a lot of knowledge. My experience and background in administration, airline, retail and banking has conducted my work to various projects throughout my career. My focus is often on efficiency.

With a background in administration, airline, retail and banking I have accumulated experience and knowledge in several areas – benefiting my clients today.


DO Solutions is owned and operated by Daniel Olsson.

With experience within a vast number of areas I have accumulated knowledge within many areas.

With a background in administration, airline, retail and banking I have worked with various projects throughout my career. Often with a focus on efficiency.

In 2009 I started my company and has since helped small business clients with various needs for their business.

Projects includes setting up an online presence (website, web store, online appointments, social media, Google Business page etc), assist with administrative tasks, assist with new branding and design, finding clever telecom solution and larger projects such as starting up a business and/or relocating a business.

All work is usually done by myself. At times I cooperate with crafty people for the best results for my clients.

What do you need help with? Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs!


Back home, in Sweden, I studied Administration and Commerce Major after elementary school followed by one year of Economics specialisation course. During my studies I worked in banking, administration and retail both as part of my studies and weekends/holiday periods.

After my studies I continued working in retail for some time until I went to an administrative role with a government body in my hometown. From there I went on to work for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). I started with Ticket Sales and stayed on within the airline until my move to Australia in 2007 in a variety of roles (Sales Support, Office/Media Support, Sales/Distribution Coordinator*, Product Manager/Facility Management).

* When the company went through budget cuts and merged positions in order to cut costs, I was asked to take on the role as Sales/Distribution Coordinator in order to streamline the processes for those positions.


I’m here to help you through creative solutions, innovation & experience


I offer an initial free meeting to discuss your needs in order to find solutions.


Once your issues have been pin-pointed - I spring into action!


If required I will assist with sourcing what’s needed for your solution.


When it is time to deliver, we go through the solution together.


Some samples of projects that I have been involved in as a reference of some of the assistance I can provide


Setting up medical practice
Setting up medical practice
This is where it all started – I received an enquiry if I could help a doctor who wanted to establish his own rooms in the CBD and consolidate his consultations from two separate locations to one.

I assisted with:

> Finding the space of the new rooms
> Arrange a financial planner and bankerthe rental agreement between owner, lawyer and landlord
> Planning of the layout of the rooms, liaising with the builder, electrician etc
> Website
> Online booking solution
> VoIP phone solution
> Marketing material (such business cards, letterheads)
> Sourcing medical software, EFTPOS etc
> Initial administrative support.

Closing down medical practice
Initially the purpose of this project was to relocate a medical practice in Bondi Junction to new rooms. I helped with finding suitable locations. However after some time the owner decided to close the practice and relocate himself to own rooms.

I assisted with:

> Closing down the practice, working with the practice manager to close all services, notify relevant stakeholders and working with the staff that became redundant
> Relocating the doctor and practice manger to new rooms, liaising with IT support at the new location
> Assisting with the move to allow for a smooth transition with minimal disruption
> Some years later I also assisted this doctor to relocate from these rooms to a new location.

Online appointment systems
I have assisted with sourcing, configuration and implementation of online appointment solutions for a number of clients. Both self-hosted as well as cloud-based (Cliniko as an example).


Retail POS solutions
Retail POS solutions
I assisted a client in Sydney to source a POS system that would suit their needs and allow for sales from multiple locations.

I assisted with:

> Surveying the market
> Organise a comparison of the products
> Discuss the different solutions with pro and cons
> Arrange test session for the system they chose (Retail Express)
> Implemented the structural content of the POS system
> Implemented the POS system in the stores.

Online shop - Shopify
In this project I helped a retail client in Sydney sourcing an online store solution when they decided to start selling online. Since previously I had assisted the client with a POS system and they wanted to keep that system in place and where interested in Shopify that they had been recommended to use by others.

l found a company that offers a connector between their existing POS system and Shopify and liaised with the implementation of the connector including initial structure and trouble shooting.


Websites – WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Blogger
Websites – WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Blogger
I have helped a number of clients with new websites in both WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Blogger depending on their needs and requirements.

For WordPress I have for many years worked closely with a designer here in Sydney to achieve the final result. I assist with installation, security, coding and adding content. The designer usually delivers the overall design, design elements etc.

Some clients only wish to move existing layout and content to WordPress and I have then migrated them to WordPress, mimicking their existing design.

I have also assisted clients who have had their WordPress websites hacked to move to a new installation with increased security (often on short notice).

For clients who wish to start of simple and cost-efficient I have also utilised Blogger at times (Google’s free website builder).

Sourcing of phone system, multiple clients
I have assisted multiple clients with new phone solutions for their offices from smaller systems to larger. Using VoIP technology for many of them in order to cut ongoing costs for them.


“Daniel at DO Solutions has been most helpful for my medical business over the last 10 years. He is familiar with most medical software and always has a solution for any IT issue. I have been very happy with the service I have received from DO Solutions.”

Dr Michael Lowy


“Highly recommend DO Solutions. Professional, Efficient and gets the job done! Excellent service.”

Jacqui Prydie


“Daniel is highly professional, extremely efficient, very helpful and always a pleasure to deal with. I can’t think of anyone better to look after my IT needs and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. I’d call him the Mercedes Benz of his field, but I think he would prefer to be a Volvo.”

Prof Robert M Kaplan


“Daniel has been providing services to my medical practice since 2011. He is thorough, timely and a man of integrity. He brainstorms the best solutions for the client and is very dependable.
He helped me set up my practice. He has helped with ongoing IT support for the last 7 years and in the last year has also taken on an administrative role.
Personally I feel my practice is safe in his capable hands and am so glad to have been introduced to him 7 years ago. It is a weight off my shoulders to have Daniel in my corner.”

Dr Lachlan Soper



What can you help me with?
What can you help me with?

This is a common question when I’m introduced to new clients and my reply is usually “What do you need help with, and we’ll go from there”.

See me as a resource helping with those tasks that require some extra help, either due to lack of time, knowledge or staff resources.

Since I have broad experience in a number of fields and tasks it often happens that I have already assisted other clients with similar tasks.

I have a way to quickly get an overview of what’s required in order to assist and achieve a solution.

Some tasks that I have helped with so far:

  • Assistance (in projects, liaising with stakeholders to assist my clients to achieve their end goal – for example setting up and/or relocating their clinic/office, sourcing phone solutions, websites, online store solutions etc)
  • Administration (general and ongoing)
  • Processes (looking into existing processes and how to make changes to assist business further)
  • Web/online content management, updating content, platforms, plugins etc (on platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, osTicket and online appointment systems, such as Cliniko)
  • Online stores (such as Shopify, Square)
  • Self-publishing books (on-demand print and eBooks.
Can we meet and discuss?
Certainly! I work closely with my clients and therefore I offer a free initial meeting where we discuss your needs and requirements. And it gives us a chance to know each other a bit.
Are there any discounted rates offered?

Yes. Discounts are available, based on commitment and available in two forms:

  1. Pre-purchased block of hours (10-30 hours), valid for two months, which can be used for projects*
  2. Weekly commitments with one to four days per week are also available*.

* All discounted rates are pre-purchased online using credit/debit card.

Contact me to discuss.

Is there anything I should be aware of before we start working together?

I am a straightforward person and I believe that it is best for both sides to be upfront with details. I have gathered all information that you should read in my terms and conditions: https://dosolutions.com.au/tc.


I’d love to meet you in person or via the web


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