You can access services and support from do solutions ] using the options below.


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Here you can access you services from do solutions ]. Some links will open in a new window, keeping this window open in the background in case you need assistance or wish to submit a helpdesk request.

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Remote Support - TeamViewer

If your require remote support from do solutions ] you can download these secure and free applications, powered by TeamViewer.


QuickSupport is a small application that allows temporary remote access to your computer.

Choose your operating system below and your download will start - it can take a short time for the download to start. Check your Downloads folder once the download has completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

All FAQ's can be found through the Helpdesk, dodesk.com.au.
You can find some common questions below.


The easiest way is to install do solutions ]’s Quick Support application here. Click on the file name below for your operating system) - your download should start automatically and the file can be located in your Downloads folder.

For Mac users the file will be named 'QS_MAC_DO_Solutions.zip', if you are a Windows user the file will be named 'QS_WIN_DO_Solutions.exe'.

Once you have opened the application you will be asked to 'Allow' the connection with do solutions ]. Unless you don't click 'Allow' the connection will not be established.
Screen sharing is possible on iOS through TeamViewer and their QuickSupport app for iOS. The app is free to download on the App Store.

Instructions on how to set it up can be found here on TeamViewer's website.
If your domain name is registered through do solutions ] then you can access and modify your setting here.

Enter your Account Reference and password (was emailed to you when the domain was transferred), otherwise use the 'Lost Password' function.
Through the cPanel you can set up new email addresses, email forwarders, domain forwarding and more. You can also change the password for your email address in your cPanel. Click here to access your cPanel.

cPanel explained
cPanel is a web hosting control panel that includes an easy-to-use graphical interface to manage your website (files, emails, redirections, parked domains and more). cPanel is now one of the most popular hosting control panels in use, however it is only unix based and cannot be used on windows servers.
Using your preferred web browser, log into your webmail. Login with your credentials (enter your complete email address as the username).

Choose the Application you wish to use to read your emails. do solutions ] recommends using Roundcube as the interface looks most similar to the usual email clients.


For more information about do solutions ], visit dosolutions.com.au!