Activate auto responder (leave/away message)

/Activate auto responder (leave/away message)

Activate auto responder (leave/away message)

NOTE: this solution is aimed to clients using hosting services with DO Solutions. 

Auto responders are activated through your webmail (hosting owners/administrators can also activate via cPanel). Using your preferred web browser, log into your webmail: (i.e. in our case we would visit If your browser informs you that the connection can’t be confirmed as secure, you can continue if the certificate is namned either as or In the screen “Webmail” login with your credentials:

In the next screen you will see a number of options at the bottom of the screen (such as changing your password, forwarding options etc):

  • Click on Auto Responders
  • Choose Add Auto Responder if you don’t have one set up already.

In Modify/Add Auto Responder, use/enter the following recommended settings:

  • Character Set: utf-8
  • Interval: 24 hours
  • Name: Your name
  • Subject: Auto-reply: %subject% (this will include the text “Auto-reply:” and the subject line in the auto response to the recipient)
  • Body: Your message (for auto responders it is usually recommended to NOT use HTML)
  • Start: Set your start date/time (Immediately or Custom is available)
  • End: Set your end date/time (when you want the responder to automatically stop)
  • Click Create/Modify.
More information about auto responders can be found here:


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