It is very easy to end up on endless lists being sold and shared on internet – ending up with you receiving information of services/products that you might not be interested in.

Personally I am very restrictive with my work email – I only give it to people that I wish to communicate on a frequent basis and who are important for me to stay in contact with.

In my line of work I search for variety of services and products all the time. As such I’m also have to request more information in order to brief my clients. To prevent (as long as possible) not to end up on infinite mailing lists I use and suggest the following (can be used both for work and personal):

– Consider if it is necessary to have your email address posted on your website, and if so try to avoid it to be “hyperlinked”. I would suggest having a contact page with you basic contact details and a “contact me” form. This will allow your visitors to contact you via email, without disclosing your actual email address. For personal use I would suggest using a generic email with a free email service such as [email protected]

– When requesting information from companies I always use a “generic” email, e.g. [email protected] That way I can easily change this generic email if I start receiving to much unwanted information.