Internet have made massive changes to the way we interact with our clients on a daily basis.

If you are just starting up or relocating and making changes to existing set-ups I would suggest consider the following.

I would suggest that you main contact ways today are: phone, email, website. These are the once you want to keep as consistent as possible at all times – regardless of your location.

  • Phone number: when you sign up for a landline it may not be possible to use the same phone number if and when you relocate (unless you move a very short distance – staying within the same telephone exchange). If you instead use a 1300-number or a virtual number, you are able to “keep the number” for as long as you want to. There are low costs options out there on the market to consider for you use. 1300-numbers are also regulated in a way that if you would swap from one provider to another the number is always yours
  • Email: always use an email address associated to your own domain. That way you client feels familiar and confident with all communication coming through to them
  • Website: I would say “it doesn’t matter how small or big your business is – you want your own domain and website”. Even if it is a simple website it works by giving potential customers seeking information and ending up on your website to actually contact you. Let’s face it – most people search for information online today! And with the variety of options available on the market it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have “a presence on the internet”.

Marketing 101…