Most ISP’s (Internet service providers) give/offer you an email address when you sign up for their services.

That is great – for them! Not for you as a small business owner! I’ve talked before about my view of “Marketing 101”, here it goes again. Keep your audience (clients) around your own brand as much as possible. Your domain name is part of your brand.

As such (and considering the low cost options available out there) it is not recommended to have “” for your domain and continue to use “[email protected]” for all your communication.

If you are not able to set up your own “personalised” email under your domain – you might wanna look into the options Gmail offer today, where you can integrate your own email ([email protected]) with a Gmail account to access the emails – if you prefer that.

Otherwise there are many options out there to host both your email and web/domain for a low cost today.

As a conclusion I would say – not even for private use would I allow my own family to use the email address given by an ISP! If you are using the email address given by an ISP remember one thing: the day you want to switch to another ISP – you are stuffed! Because the same day as you switch your previous ISP will shut down your email address!