Here you can request to pay future invoices from DO Solutions using your credit-/debit card*. Your payments will be processed securely online using Stripe Payments who accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

By completing the credit card authorisation you confirm that you wish for your card details to be securely stored by Stripe Payments to be used as the default payment method for future invoices from DO Solutions.

A$5.00 will be charged to your card when you choose to pay by card as your ‘Pay Now’ option.
The A$5.00 paid will be credited on your next invoice.


NOTE: Your card details will be stored in an encrypted manner.
DO Solutions will not be able to access your card details directly and your details can only be used for payments to DO Solutions processed through Stripe Payments.

* Stripes’ processing fee apply to certain charges such as reimbursements.