Project Description

5 Steps to Finding Love

When Nicole&nbps;Bayliss had finished the script for her first book ‘5 Steps to Finding Love‘ she contacted me to discuss her options to self-publish. After looking into options and some discussions she decided to go ahead and self-publish her book both as eBook and paperback.

Some of the tasks that I assisted Nicole with included:

  • Find options for publishers to use for both her eBook and paperback
  • Arrange for her book cover to be designed according to specifications for the different formats
  • Create a website for her book along with a blog
  • Editing of the books and formatting of the paperback was done by DO&nbps;Solutions.

A Shift to Bliss

Nicole Bayliss’ second book is about to get released to the market but as this is currently in progress more details will come soon…

The Prophet of Psychiatry

A/Prof Robert M. Kaplan is a Forensic Psychiatrist in Sydney and has over the years published books as well as a large number of articles for the press.

When Prof Kaplan was finished with his script for the book ‘The Prophet of Psychiatry: In Search of Reginald Ellery‘ he contacted me to discuss self-publishing and I assisted him with:

  • Arrange design of the book cover
  • Arrange publishing arrangements for both his eBook and paperback
  • Editing and formatting of the books for each plattform
  • Arrange for the book to be sold on his website as well as shipping options.
5 Steps to Finding Love: A Holistic Guide for Women
Book Cover
The Prophet of Psychiatry: In Search of Reg Ellery

Skills Utilised

Project Coordination

Coordinating and liaising between my clients and other stakeholders.

Design Input

Liaising with graphic designers to accomodate the client’s needs as well as publication specifications.

Editing and eye for detail

With a strong eye for detail I helped my clients to achieve a good end product for publication.

Implementation Strategy

Implement and plan for the publishing and book launch.


Daniel has been instrumental in the process of self-publishing my two books ‘5 Steps to Finding Love’ and ‘A Shift to Bliss’. The self-publication process, both e-book and paperback, is not always straightforward, particularly if you haven’t done it before or are not that computer-literate! Daniel is very clear-sighted and able to help in every area of publishing a book. He will be as hands-on as you want him to be, and is also a very effective guide and teacher if you are wanting to do most of it yourself. I highly recommend Daniel for every step of the self-publishing process.

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Robert M. Kaplan, Prof Robert M. Kaplan