Today each of us have a lot of things happening all the time. Being a fan of organisation and still struggling to keep everything organised at times Daniel places his trust in various tools. Here he has created some tools, more will be added as inspiration comes to him.

Calendars, PDF


Download calendar for 2016

Invoice template for Australian small businesses

DO Solutions offers an invoice template, free to use on an ‘as-is’ basis for small business.
Two versions of the template are available, one can be used through Google Sheets and one can be download for Microsoft Excel. The template consists of two sheets ‘Enter details’ and ‘View PDF’. The invoice details are entered in the first sheet, once complete you can click on the sheet ‘View PDF’ to save the document as a PDF and/or print, email the document.

Microsoft Excel version

Download for MS Excel

Google Sheets version

Access on Google Sheets

Weekly planner

This weekly planner will help your daily life! You can download it either as an Excel file, then fill out the details and print (if needed) or as a PDF to print and fill out as you go.

The planner is available with 12 or 24 hour formatting. Tip – in Excel you can change the start for each day to suit your needs. It will also display the nearest week based on the day you open the file.

Yearly planner

A yearly planner – I suggest that you print on A3.

If you use the PDF you may have to scale to 142% when printing on A3.

Google Sheets

Yearly Planner 2016-2018 (no public holidays)

Down- and upload time

When downloading or uploading content online, be it files or backups, the time it will take is determined by the speed your connection provides. To check the speed you can use, enter the results in the spreadsheet below to determine the approximate time it will take to down-/upload the set file size.

Note that the speed will vary over time, the down-/upload time may take longer due to other activities on the connection (emails, browsing etc).