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A selection of handy links that may be useful for you.


Gixen is an eBay Sniper and allows you to set a maximum bid for an eBay item and will at the end of the auction bid on you behalf up to the set maximum bid. When biding directly on eBay the bidding will continue to go up and other users will be able to see who are currently bidding and this may lead to you not winning the bid.

This handy tool might help you to win without pushing up the bids continuously as it will only jump in and bid at the very end of the auction.

You are able to sign up for a free account to use the service. If you wish to add different mirrors to increase your chances of winning you may upgrade your account.

Google PageRank Checker

Check how your page ranks with Google:

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by service



Dropbox allows you to share files online between your computer and other devices and also with others.

Free accounts are available and allows you 2 GB disk space online.


SMSGlobal allows you to send (and receive) SMS messages to your clients using either your normal email software or as an integreated part of you exisiting systems to a very affordable rate (starting from as low as 6.4 cents/SMS).

Search Engines

Below are some of the most used search engines listed in alphabetic order: